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Develop your creativity, get inspired!

Aeroyoga enhances creativity, unlocking and encourages personal development. It helps us to evolve and grow spiritually. You feel how the body flies and it is a wonderful sensation. In addition, gravity improves the entire body, improves your flexibility, works your muscle strength, your concentration, relieves back pain. An exciting discipline that combines the practice of yoga with acrobatic movements, Pilates and dance. Our teachers are always 100% for you so that your experience is unique and wonderful in each class. We offer:
Aero Yoga, Bungee Fitness and 
Yoga classes

Combi Ticket

Bungee & Aero Yoga
only 40 € / hour
Yoga Pose

Aero Yoga

We Combine our knowledge as certified Yoga and Aero Trainers with the current findings from anatomy, physiology and yoga and pilates therapy. To keep it short, you change between strengthening your muscles and relaxing them. Plus we use gravity to improve your skeleton. Health and Fun!


Come As You Are

You've never done Yoga before? No problem! Our courses are optimal for beginners and advanced Yogis. Check out our classes to find the right one for your level. Or book a personal training to start with. 


Our Motivation

Yoga is our passion! Struggling with back pain for years, Yoga helped me to finally find relieve and strengthen my muscles in a considerate way. Join us and find out about the "unique relaxation" that everyone talks about after their first class.


Styles & Locations

Tired of going to a Yoga studio and repeating the same flows? Discover our aerial and SUP Yoga offers or meet us at the beach for an even more relaxing round of Yoga.


Meet the Team

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Book your first yoga session, private training or SUP Event.

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